Liberty and Justice for All...?

Ashia Kelly |

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In the article, "How the Supreme Court Lets Cops Get Away with Murder", one statement that stood out to me was “The vast majority of police officers are decent, honest men and women who do some of society’s most dangerous work.” This is very much true; however if there are 3,000 bad cops and 14 good cops and the 14 good cops don't turn in any of the 3,000 bad cops. Then we have 3,014 bad cops.


We were always taught to speak up. “If you see something say something.” Why does that statement not apply now? Well because it seems to be that America does not care about black people. When you look back at history they really never did. Yes, things have changed but it doesn't mean they have gotten better.


“Black Americans are killed by the police at a much higher rate than white Americans.” Why is that? Because things have changed but racism still exists. I feel a new civil rights movement working its way up again.  Instead of hoses and dogs they have tear gas and rubber bullets. Instead of black bodies being hung from trees, they're lying in the streets. Instead of “whites only” signs, they hang confederate flags.


Instead of using the n word our president calls us “thugs.” Instead of saying “white power”, they say “all lives matter.” Instead of telling black men and women to die, they're saying “they were resisting.” Most importantly instead of saying slaves, they call them inmates.


The system hasn’t failed us, it was never made for us to succeed in. I don't believe in the violent protest, but the people are tired and angry. They want their voices to be heard and quite frankly they have every right to tear down a country they built for free.


The media won't show you all of the different races coming together to protest peacefully for this cause. I truly believe with God’s love together we can overcome this, because God's love heals all. Racism and Christ don't mix. You can't claim to love God and all of his people and creation. Yet, ignore when his people are getting killed. 




Ashia R. Kelly, a high school junior, was recognized as the youngest recipient to be selected as an accomplished corporate meeting planner by CONNECT, a national event management association.  She was designated as an “Early Riser” in the event management industry by the organization.

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