Amist The Chaos

Taylor O. Bracey |

Entrepreneurship Education blog

Welcome to Workforce Career Readiness™ Teen Writing Series.  This series offers teens the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on issues that affect their lives (relationships, family, school, current events, exercise, healthy eating and living, mental wellness, and self-esteem).  Workforce Career Readiness™ is devoted to helping teens share their voices.


During this time of quarantine, loss of the human connection, illness and death. With heavy hearts we embrace from afar, added securities of social distancing; and zoom is the new normal. Students without graduations, a ceremony without an audience...caps tossed alone.

Learning to read the eyes; not sure if you smiled or even spoke...hidden behind the mask of Covid-19.
We are thankful to our mentors, those who keep us on our journey. Encouraging words are never more appreciated as we waltz and stumble trying to stay alert. This is your time...still.

You're still on track, chin up... continue to seek guidance from reliable sources. This time is challenging and new. You matter and are not forgotten. Be encouraged, and focused; you may not have chosen this
path but it is your journey.






Taylor Bracey is a motivational teen speaker.  She is known for her famous words, "Clocks, trains, and planes are disabled people are not."


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