Our goal at “Workforce Career Readiness™”

Is to ensure that businesses and organizations have a competent workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in a 21st century marketplace.  

Leadership Team

Dr. Corinthia Price

Dr. Corinthia Price is an international business advisor, scholar, workforce and economic development consultant, and educator who specialize in workplace skills and competencies. She has a doctorate in Educational Administration.  Dr. Price is the CEO and Founder of Workforce Career Readiness™. Her research has prepared her to educate and assists small business owners in effective entrepreneurial procedures.   Some of her collaborative research on workforce development and entrepreneurship education has been presented at various national and international conferences such as American Educational Research Association and International Business and Economy Conference, etc. 

Dr. Price is a scholar who has dedicated many hours of research to identify employability skills and competencies that are needed to be successful in the 21stcentury global marketplace.  Dr. Price was appointed to the Suffolk County, NY Workforce Development Board by County Executive Steve Bellone.  

Dr. Price is a highly sought after keynote speaker and has presented at various national and international conferences.  She has been featured in numerous magazines, articles, and publications.  She is a contributor for Thrive Global, Forbes, and Technical Education Magazine where she writes expert business, workforce development, and career advice articles.  

Jacqueline Bracey

Jacqueline Bracey is the Director of Community Relations for Workforce Career Readiness™. Nearly two decades of project leadership in corporate, for-profit and nonprofit agencies, Ms. Bracey overseas communication, planning, and implementation. 

Having more than 20 years of people and project management experience, Ms. Bracey has directed public relations and marketing, including community, social responsibility, event management, public speaking, and mentoring.

A graduate of Katharine Gibbs School, Long Island, New York. Ms. Bracey’s passion is in community relations and event planning. Before becoming a homeschool educator she worked as a career specialist. She firmly believes that all children deserve a meaningful education and preparing our youth for the 21st Century is a must.  

Ms. Bracey has an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies, has numerous certifications in homeschool education, parent advocacy, and vocational training. As a homeschool educator, she believes true education starts at home.

Workforce Career Readiness©Motto:

To Strengthen and Empower Individuals To Become Successful In The 21st Century