Kids with Real Businesses: Bailee Knighton, CEO and Founder of Bailee’s Nail Box

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In the series, “Kids with Real Businesses”, will feature youth entrepreneurs who haven't learned how to drive yet but they are the driving force of their companies.  Youth entrepreneurship is gaining momentum in the United States.  It's always impressive to hear about youth entrepreneurs who have created products and businesses in grade school.   Youth are turning their ideas into big money-making businesses.   

Today’s youth business ventures are far beyond the lemonade stands of yesterday. They manage staffs, schedule interviews, host book signing events and are mogul’s leaders in the making.


Age: 10 (soon to be 11)

Grade: 5th

Favorite TV Show: Zoey 101

Role Model: My Mom, she is a business woman.

Hobbies: Running track

Current book you are reading: Nerd

Fun Fact: Bailee’s Nail Box has a following of 5K+ on Instagram


How did Bailee’s Nail Box get started?

While living in Georgia, at the age of six I asked my parents to have a nail stand.  A nail stand has a similar concept as a lemonade stand.  Little girls would come to the nail stand to get their nails painted for $5.  My family and I moved to Florida and my mom and I came up with the idea of Bailee’s Nail Box.  We created an online business where I can sell and ship nail kits to girls around the world.

What is the theme of each nail box?

     Mommy & Me                  




   Birthday Nail Box


What's included in the box (except for deluxe and birthday nail box)?

  • 2 Nail Colors Bottles
  • 1 accent color
  • Positive Affirmations Nail file
  • 1 Nail polish dotter
  • Nail Accessory
  • Design Instructions

In Bailee's Deluxe Nail Box, we've included 3 fun nails designs and accessories. The Deluxe Nail Box includes Cupcake Nails, Bailee Bugs & our newest design Hello Kitty Sticker Nails!

In Bailee's Birthday Nail Box, we've included 1 fun nail design of your choice, a personalize birthday card from me, fun accessories, and a birthday gift that will keep her smiling for days.


How do you manage your school work and the business?

I come home and do my homework and read first.  Then I look to see if I have any orders to fulfill. 

What have you learned so far in running a business?

I learned running an online business is much harder than having a nail stand.   Also, you have to be consistent and can’t slack off. 

I hear you co-authored a book, can you tell me about it?  

The title of the book is: The Science Behind It. It’s about the science behind building an empire.   This book will inspire the young and old to dream big, make moves and create major change. 

Do you have any dreams?

I would like to be a gold medal Olympian in track and field.  Most of all I will keep operating Bailee’s Nail box and pass the business down to my future generations.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A teacher, a nail salon proprietor, and a nurse.  Most of all, I want to be a successful business owner. 


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